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Tax and other legal services

Tax advice

Our tax specialists will advise on personal and company tax considerations, ensuring your property purchase and other financial matters are structured correctly and in the most efficient way. This includes: yearly tax obligations for both tax residents and non tax residents; capital gains tax (CGT) calculations; guidance on double taxation treaties and professional advice in all other types of tax obligation.

Inheritance law

If you are buying a property in Mallorca it is important to have a Spanish will. This applies even if you are not a resident of Spain. We can advise you on this and administrate the process for you. We also provide wide-ranging and detailed advice on inheritance matters and we offer services to manage personal and family assets if required.

Company law

Advice and assistance in the formation, structuring and ongoing legal management of all types of companies. This might be in relation to the purchase of a property or a company you are setting up to provide goods or services in Mallorca. We also offer advice and administrative services to companies from outside of Spain planning to do business in Mallorca.

Family law

Advice in all types of family law matters including divorce, family disputes, probate and inheritance as noted above.

Golden Visa applications

The Spanish Golden Visa is a residency permit giving the non-EU nationals the right to live and work in Spain. The most common eligibility requirement is to make an investment of at least €500,000 in some type of investment in Spain. If you might be eligable, we can help you structure a positive application and manage the process for you.

Contractual disputes

If you are involved in a contractual dispute or any other type of legal dispute we can advise you, offer assistance and provide representation.

Insurance and injury claims

Assistance in negotiating and making claims against insurance companies when accidents occur and in matters of general health. If you have been involved in a car or motorcycle accident it can be important to protect your legal rights. We can assist you in this process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on any of the above.

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